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Bursa is all about quality

It all starts with the best ingredients. Buying ready-made patties is a no-no. Instead, we mince the finest quality meat and hand craft every single burger ourselves. We also make all the mustard, ketchup, and mayonnaise on your burger to our own special recipes. With their combined 100 years’ experience, our chefs know what it takes to make a burger that really delivers.

Quality food deserves quality drinks. So sit back and relax with your favorite from our range of organic wines, craft beers and refreshing soft drinks, all selected and prepared by the best bartenders in the business.

Our top-notch team is here to make sure your Bursa experience hits all the right notes, whether inside the restaurant or outside on our 70-seater terrace. It’s open seven days a week and don’t worry, it can be covered and heated for the true Finnish summer experience.

Alternatively, ignore all the hard work we’ve put in to creating the perfect ambience and take your burger to go. Grab some drinks (even beer!) and a tub of Ben & Jerry’s then get out there and blow everyone else’s picnic out of the water.

Our menu


Classic 10.20

150g beef patty, mature cheddar, lettuce, house mayonnaise

Sweet blue 11.90

150g beef patty, blue cheese, red onion jam, crispy bacon, fresh rucola, aioli

Chicken Caesar 11.90

Fried chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, parmesan, fresh red onion, aioli

Spicy jam 11.90

150g beef patty, mature cheddar, lettuce, fresh hot salsa, jalopeno mayonnaise

Big Royale with cheese 15.90

2 x 150g beef patty, melted American cheese, crispy bacon, lettuce, fresh red onion, house mustard, ketchup

Rosburger 15.90

150g beef patty, matured cheddar, crispy bacon, coleslaw, pickled cucumber, Russian dressing

BBQ 11.90

150g beef patty, crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato, BBQ mayonnaise

Veggie 11.90

Home made vegetarian patty, rucola, fresh red onion, pickled cucumber, red hummus

House fish 11.90

Smoked salmon with veggies, lettuce, fresh red onion, sour cream with lime

Pulled beef 11.90

Pulled beef with veggies, lettuce, nachos, BBQ mayonnaise

Kids beef 5.90

120g beef patty, cheese, house ketchup, mayonnaise

Kids Chicken 5.90

Fried chicken breast, cheese, house ketchup, mayonnaise

All our burgers are served in a home-made brioche bun. Vegan/gluten free also available.

Not burgers

Ribs 12.90

Full rack of pork ribs, blues hog glaze, ginger coleslaw, jalopeno mayonnaise

Green salad 4.90

Fresh lettuce mix, red onion, puttanesca, house dressing

Chicken salad 10.90

Fried chicken breast, fresh lettuce mix, red onion, puttanesca, house dressing, BBQ mayonnaise

Smoked salmon salad 11.90

Smoked salmon, fresh lettuce mix, red onion, puttanesca, house dressing, sour cream with lime

Beef salad 13.90

140g marbeled sirloin steak, fresh lettuce mix, red onion, puttanesca, house dressing, balsamico syrup

Sides 2.00

Coleslaw, ginger coleslaw, pickeled cucumber, mature cheddar, blue cheese, puttanesca, extra sauce, crispy bacon, red hummus

Sides 3.90

Fries, sweet potato fries, parmesan fries, jalopeno fries, onion fries, nachos, rib fingers, extra patty

Desserts 4.20

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, smoothies, milkshakes


Old Fashioned

The smooth, tasteful classic done our way


For when you want a refreshingly sour kick


It’s hip, it’s tasty, and it’s calling you

Dark & Stormy

Italian-Cuban co-operation at its best


Cranberry meets mint and grapefruit rhubarb in the Finnish mojito

House spritzer

A summery spritzer seasoned with herbs


Need we say more? The king of summer

Bloody Mary

Kick that hangover in style

Helsinki Gin Sling

A Helsinki take on the well-known classic

We can also tickle your palate with a host of seasonal specialties. Ask our staff for details.

Not cocktails


House Prosecco, House Cava


American Wings Chardonnay, Arndorfer Gruner Weltliner, Lidy Riesling, Schloss Schönborn Riesling Trocken


American Wings Zinfandel, Arndorfer Zweigelt, Castillo di Albola Chianti Classico

Beer on tap

Karhu, Brooklyn Lager

Bottled beer

Brooklyn EIPA, Brooklyn Bel Air, Brooklyn Sorachi Ace, Koff Porter, Donut Island Frisco Disco, Donut Island Andrea – Sour Cherry Berliner Weisse, Fat Lizard Smooth Lava Red Ale, Fat Lizard Track Day Session IPA, Top Fuel Schlager Pils

Specialty beers

Fat Lizard Bikini Top American Wheat, Fat Lizard Ankle Slapper Surf Ale

Other bottles

Crowmoor Dry Apple, Westons Wyld Wood Organic Cider, Long Drink, Helsinki Distilling Company Helsinki Long Drink

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Mon – Thu

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Fri – Sat

11 AM – 8 PM



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